In Ecuador: 0988899774

FROM USA/CAN: 593 988899774


We have double and single rooms available with WIFI and CABLE TV and AC and a private bathroom with hot water.

We also have twin rooms for 2 or 3 people.


The bedroom has a queen bed, ample closet space, bed lamps, and a dedicated WIFI signal (just for you!) no more sharing bandwidth or slow hotel WIFI signals.

Plus, the whole suite is cooled by an AC system, in fact, you control the temperature, important in musty Guayaquil!


Guayaquil Airport Suites
Av. Americas 14ne primer paseo frente al ingreso vehicular del aeropuerto, 090150, Guayaquil, Guayaquil, GUAYAS ECUADOR
Phone: 593-98-889-9774 Hours: 24 hours a day
Latitude: -2.157221 Longitude: -79.891572